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Driven. Creative. Passionate. 

Brittney Young is currently employed with the Dallas Cowboys as a Production Artist in the graphics department. She was hired on as a part time photography assistant but quickly worked her way up within the company to her current position. Prior to the Dallas Cowboys she worked for Varsity Spirit Fashion as a Project Manager.

She grew up a Texas native in the small town of Sachse, located northeast of Dallas. She graduated Sachse High School and went on to graduate The University of North Texas with a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Art and Design and a minor in English.

Brittney puts her heart into all her projects, whether it’s designing for a client or working on her own personal development.

Desk with Laptop


"Brittney is resilient, diligent, and passionate in any task she takes on. Her work ethic and dedication to her career are inspiring and highly valued within the DCM Graphics Team."

—  Bryan Carnevale, Senior Graphic Designer,

Dallas Cowboys


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